Jean-Mi perd au premier tour de l'Open du Brésil

Jean-Mi s'est incliné lors du premier face à Tosic en quatre manches serrées: 11-9, 11-9, 11-9 et 12-10.

Avec l'élimination de Marc Closset, il n'y a plus de Belges en simple.

Voici l'article paru sur le site www.ittf.com après la défaite de Jean-Mi (pour ceux qui comprennent l'anglais Mr. Green )

Ian Marshall, Editor of Table Tennis Illustrated
Rocket Roko
Photo By: www.fotocom.net
Croatia’s Roko TOSIC, the highest World ranked player not to receive a direct entry to the Men’s Singles event at the Liebherr Brazilian Open in Rio de Janeiro, caused the biggest upset so far in the championships, when late in the afternoon of Friday 24th June 2005 he beat the number one seed, Jean-Michel SAIVE of Belgium.

Roko TOSIC, the victor over top seed Jean-Michel SAIVE of Belgium in four straight games
TOSIC won in four straight games but perhaps the scoreline is a little harsh on SAIVE; every game was decided by a two point margin with the Croatian winning 11-9, 11-9, 11-9, 12-10.

It was a splendid match, full of exciting rallies, littered with fierce topspin exchanges and thoroughly appreciated by the crowd who enjoyed every moment of the superb spectacle; it was sheer theatre with the crowd cheering and applauding the incredible skills on display.

TOSIC showed from the start that he wasn’t feeling any pressure; he established a four point lead early in the first game, that boosted his self-belief and although in the fourth game it was SAIVE who established an early lead, TOSIC by that time was brimful of confidence and duly recovered to secure victory.

Lost Previously
“I've played against Jean-Mi before and lost; he was the favorite and that put pressure on him”, said a delighted TOSIC. “My strategy was to make as few mistakes as possible and not try too many bold moves; today my backhand was really good and that ended up being crucial”

TOSIC, a very modest young man was overwhelmed. “I fell really good after this victory, I am very happy to be playing in Brazil”, he continued. “I don't have any expectations regarding this tournament; I haven't played much lately, so I'm focusing on one game at a time.”

Secret of Success
The left handed Croatian is now in the round of the last sixteen, the furthest he has ever progressed in a Men’s Singles event on the ITTF Pro Tour and perhaps there was a secret for his success in the opening round of the Men’s Singles. He had some rather good practice just over a month ago.

At the Volkswagen 48th World Championships in Shanghai, LIU Guoliang the coach for the Chinese men’s team, invited TOSIC and his colleague Zoran PRIMORAC to practise with them in the main hall prior to the tournament commencing. TOSIC trained with WANG Hao and LIU Guozheng and afterwards explained to me that practising with players who are as fast as the Chinese would certainly raise his game; it would seem that in Rio de Janeiro the effect of that intensive practice may well have been realised.

However, perhaps it was not the actual practice itself that was the boost but being asked by the best in the World to join them gives a massive injection of confidence; if they are happy training with you then you need fear no-one. In Rio de Janeiro, Roko TOSIC was fearless and he duly won.

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