Open du Chili: Jean-Mi en demi-finale!

En 1/8e, Jean-Mi a battu Yoon Jae Young 4-2: 9-11, 11-7, 11-6, 11-8,8-11, 12-10.

En 1/4 de finale, il a développé un très bon niveau pour battre 4-0 ( 11-7, 11-8, 11-6, 12-10 ) LEE Jung Woo, un autre Coréen.

Les réactions de Jean-Mi après sa victoire:
“I didn’t expect to play that well”, was the reaction of Jean-Michel SAIVE after his quarter-final victory against Korea’s LEE Jung Woo in the TMS Chile Open on Saturday 2nd July 2005.

LEE Jung Woo was certainly a man in form; two weeks earlier he had won the Men’s Singles event at the TMS Chinese Taipei Open and in securing that victory he had been very impressive. However, in Santiago, experienced counted and Jean-Michel SAIVE won 11-7, 11-8, 11-6, 12-10.

“It was really tough but I received service well and I was pleased with the way I controlled the rallies”, said SAIVE. “I tried to return service as wide as possible, especially into his backhand and it was important that I was aggressive.” SAIVE was positive and as always revelled in the topspin exchanges. “You have to stop him playing those big bombs from his forehand”, continued the Belgian maestro. “It was a really hard draw to have to play him in the quarters, it couldn’t have been tougher.”

Watching LEE Jung Woo play at the Volkswagen Open Korea and at the TMS Chinese Taipei Open it surely won’t be long before he gains a place in the top twenty of the ITTF Men’s World Ranking list. However, SAIVE always relishes a challenge and having lost in the opening round in Brazil last week he was clearly pleased to have reached his allotted place in the penultimate round.

Last Week
“Last week I lost to Roko TOSIC, he played very well”, sighed SAIVE. “I was surprised, I had a chance to win the second game but I didn’t; if I’d have won that who knows what might have happened; anyway, this week I’m really pleased with how I’m playing, better than I expected.”

In the semi-finals SAIVE plays Germany’s Peter FRANZ the quarter-final round winner against Hungary’s Peter FAZEKAS whilst in the lower half of the draw Sweden’s Johan AXELQVIST meets Korea’s OH Sang Eun. At the quarter-final stage AXELQVIST beat Korea’s JO Ji Hoon whilst OH Sang Eun overcame Slovakia’s Peter SEREDA but was given a real fright by the young rising European star.
source: www.ittf.com

En demi-finale, Jean-Mi affronte l'Allemand Peter Franz

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